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Short and sweet

I have veen gard at work on several projects the past couple of months and I cannot wait to share them with the universe. I have not blogged but the writing has continued. My seventh and eigth books are ready for 2014 and just for kicks I have written a holiday novellete that I will put out in a couple of weeks. I update my facebook frequently so please reach out @ or send me an email @
I like mail and feedback so let me know what you think of my work.

Short, sweet and to the point. Until next time^_^

Keeping up with blogging…ARGH!!!!

     I have neglected my lovely blog. Shame on me but as I said in an earlier post keeping up with it is going to be a challenge.  We live in a age where there are so many outlets to focus on that your brain goes into overdrive. When this happens to me I choose one that I am comfy with. I update my facebook page all of the time, twitter comes next, and then it is Pintrest. Facebook is my wife and the rest are mistresses  lol.
     I am currently finishing up two novellas that will release in the beginning of 2014. Very excited about that. Working on new videos for you tube and a few more things. Being a self published author is like running a small business so you must do it all.
     For those of you that are social media multitasking geniuses, I applaud you. Teach me how please! Signing off for now.

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Stepping stones of adventures

Am I a writer? Why yes, I believe I am. Though that may be a fact I find that blogging is a whole different atmosphere. Its not like facebooking or flying in the twitter sky. Not only are you keeping true to yourself and your thoughts instead you are including entertainment, good information, life. Im enjoying it thus far. I admit that it is a little difficult to remember to stop by and jot down things. Im a work in progress. As I write this those who sit on the supreme court are getting ready to hear why they should let same sex couples marry everywhere. All they have to do is look in the Windows of same sex couples, including my own, and see the happiness that surrounds us. Our good days are good and our bad days are bad but love blankets it all. I wish love for all and peace for the masses.

Just wondering

This will no be a quick and straight to the point ramble. Please comment

    I am not naive to the world of cut throat advertising or promotions. I understand the need and love a challenge. What I do not get is the pure pettiness that comes from people in the same field as you. Don’t we all want to.make it, put our stamp on the world?
     I for one stay true to myself. Market myself with integrity and do not mind empowering others while I do it. In the end if I can’t make it without stabbing someone in the back then I don’t know. I am competitive as the next person but honest competition is what I deal with. Im just saying.
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One of my favorite that I have written so far.

authormoniquebeingtruethomas's Blog

     What is it about keeping journals that turns me into a forgetful slacker. I cannot give an accurate count for the amount of journals and diaries that I have had since the age of 7.
     Most would probably think that because I am an author writing my thoughts daily would be a no brainer. How far from the truth is that? At least for me. Of course I always start out with a plan to write my thoughts. I take the first step and get a new journal, feel its pages and get my favorite pen. The first day I write mini autobiography because the geek in me hopes someone finds it years from now. Whoever finds it needs to know more about me….right.
     Somewhere in the first week I begin to slack. Then comes the entries where I write my apologies to the journal for not…

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